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For example, our country has decided that citizens can't take certain drugs or engage in prostitution. This criminal negligence should lead to Bush's impeachment.

It's the first trick pickpockets learn--divert attention away from what you're really doing. Some choices contribute only to the illusion of freedom; these we will call pseudo-choices What if a woman shot her abusive husband dead?

Letter 16 Abortion advocates claim the abortion issue is not about what is right or wrong, but about "who decides--the woman or the state? When people realize that he or she is indeed a living human being, there will be no debate about "who decides. So how come their failure is attributed to our industry.

Since we cannot ask the unborn children what they believe about their own personhood, let's give them the benefit of the doubt.

In Ghana they force children to work in the fields for up to hours a day. What if he wasn't abusive, just thoughtless or unfaithful? More and more single mothers live with their children in dire poverty. Instead, one in three ends up having an abortion. Liberals stand for accounting reform, a woman's right to choose, the sanctity of Social Security, responsible and effective national security, working families.

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There are plenty of choices--personal and otherwise--that a society can't allow individuals to make. But letters are just as essential to writers.

Ignorance allows the belief in perfection. It was simply a pathetic example of someone who knew he couldn't defend his own position, so he distorted and corrupted the language.

They went in, all guns blazing, helicopters, a great, heroic rescue mission. Letter 68 Pro-abortion feminist extremists say abortion "gives each woman the freedom to live as she sees fit. You hesitate to ask your questions, both for fear of seeming silly and because you don't want to bog the session down with things nobody else seems concerned about.

And they are in cahoots with Planned Parenthood, which supports the forced abortion program we see in China today.

Who are they to impose their morals on Susan Smith? The burden of proof should be on abortion advocates--let them prove beyond a doubt that unborn children are worthless lumps of flesh before we let them flush those same children down the garbage disposal.

What about those women who watch helplessly while the man they were having the abortion for in the first place takes off as soon as the abortion is over; or those who immediately become pregnant again; or those who learn that their abortions have left them unable to carry another pregnancy to term; or those who end up brain-damaged, in a coma, or in a persistent vegetative state; or those who are raped by their abortionist; or those who can't accept what they've done and suffer devastating emotional problems for the rest of their lives?

She didn't just think that they might interfere with her chosen lifestyle--she knew that she could never live her life as she wanted to if she was saddled with two unwanted children. Bush's policy on terrorism and Osama bin Laden.

On the other hand Industrial waste, in the industrial waste affects the growth of plant life too.

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Unfettered abortion has opened the floodgates of violence and unrest. From the left, people called and left messages on my answering machine, identifying themselves and thanking me for "a wonderful letter".

Letters are also an exercise in humility. Letter 8 Abortion advocates claim that the abortion issue is not about what is right or wrong, but about "who decides--the woman or the state? What if a married woman found out she was pregnant after being raped by a man of another race?

Well, many people can interfere with your career plans.

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Aren't we all "motivated", shrewdly or not, to hold our politicians accountable? I have tried to bring in the lime-light the sources of pollution and its effects on human and plant life.

And today, abortion is the only example of an otherwise civilized society granting one human being the right to decide whether an innocent human being lives or dies.

It present in it. All crimes are choices. This article demonstrates one of the rhetorical tricks used a great deal by dittoheads: I am a shriek of horror and anguish, straining with all my might somehow to reverse what cannot be reversed, what is irrevocable.

If you are contemplating abortion, you are forced by circumstances to decide quickly.Feb 09,  · Best Answer: First of all, you don't write a title. The editor writes the headline. No exceptions. All you do is write a letter. Keep it short. Tell what you think about an issue, and why.

Support your position with examples if you need to. If your conclusion is one sentence that helps put everything into Status: Resolved. Here is the Letter on the topic “to the editor of a newspaper showing your concern regarding rising e-waste in India” which has been aced by Optimus & Chitrarth. Type 1: OptimusPrime Apartments Vasant Kunj New Delhi 19th July The Editor Times of India New Delhi Subject: Rising e waste [ ].

columns of your esteemed daily, I would like to draw attention of the municipal authorities towards the scarcity of water in our palmolive2day.com locality, there is no fixed time for the supply of water.

Sometimes the water is not supplied at all, consecutively for four-five days. A Letter to the Newspaper Editor, Describing the Chaotic Conditions in the City Due to Excessive Traffic and Suggesting Some Solutions Letter to the Editor about Increasing Social Disturbances in.

Letter to Editor Example “Write a letter to the Editor create awareness about pollution buzzards ” Complete Application for all classes. Write a letter to the Editor of a newspaper to create awareness among the public about pollution buzzards.

letter of the editor of "the times of india to the prime-minister of india I am born and brought up in Mumbai for last fifty eight years.

Believe me, corruption in Maharashtra is worse than that in Bihar.

Write a letter to the editor times of india
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