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The democratic style of leadership boosts the morale of the team as a whole because it makes team members feel as though their ideas and actions are valued in the process of their work.

After this episode, Fortitude will have five losses in a row. Francesa, Jordan, Leah, Luisa and Neil. Joanna, despite getting credit for starting a business from scratch, was noted by the interviewers for having a relative lack of business knowledge, and demonstrating a lack of confidence by having no desire to expand her cleaning company.

Leah works to present her plans for a cosmetic surgery chain, providing a smooth presentation, but faces concerns over the brand name, her pitching style, and her target market. The general consensus behind this that the panel felt that Myles should have been fired for the bad branding idea, despite Lord Sugar acknowledging that he had more potential as a business partner.

And can you tell us a secret about them? Badger was on the losing team for 7 of the 10 tasks.

Alex Mills

However, one caterer in a phone call will show up. This is the last time Fortitude won a task until task The women's team was run smooth and nicely done. This fatal mistake ultimately cost them victory.

Driving Ferraris at Bedford Autodrome Brought into the boardroom: The Final[ edit ] Original Air Date: Flying lessons Brought into the boardroom: Stephanie Castagnier — for having no ability to control Liza and for producing an unairable commercial.

Set up a beauty-treatment business, boosting sales with a sideline of cosmetic products; products are chosen from vendors the day before selling. Although David continued to be a burden to his team, Octane had a creative Roman theme and selected Trump Tower as their prime location, which had provided many tourists.

Susan was next to be fired by Lord Suger, as despite her plan being the best, it was still flawed while she continued to refuse to admit to unrealistic figures, leading him to believe she needed more real-world experience.

In addition, he pointed out to Susan, who had a background in skincare products, that had she spent the amount she initially suggested, her team would have made a loss, implying she would have been fired if they had lost the task.

Apprentice star Alex Mills reveals eyebrow raising secrets behind Lord Sugar's show

Create a new brand of ready meal. Venture receivedorders, while Logic received 0 orders. Lord Sugar decides on who wins based on feedback on their CVs and business plan.

To run a pedicab ride in New York City. The candidate was hired and won the competition. Although their client demanded a partial refund as well, their spending had been controlled, leaving them to claim victory.

This led to the men coming back into the boardroom and a lengthy argument took place; Mahsa claimed that he had told her Octane's number first, while Clint said that Mahsa gave him Fortitude's sales figure without being asked, and that Clint did not give Mahsa any specific number which Steuart backed him up on.

The team were hampered further by Felicity making very little decisions, relying on her team to help out, before making a serious error by focusing on their sidelines than the more profitable treatments for much of the day, even pulling two of their therapists to assist.

After the crossover special, this episode was broadcast separately in subsequent repeats.

Alex Mills - Matt Edmondson's Awkward Conversations

However, she castigated Kurt when Nick informed her that she had been brought over to sell them at the last minute after having commented that she was "eye-candy". David, Poppy, and Stephanie Fired: Criticism and controversy[ edit ] Jordan Poulton's Application[ edit ] After the broadcast of the eleventh episode, Jordan Poulton openly admitted on Twitter, while thanking his supporters, that he had been "naive" and apologised for "wasting everyone's time", after it emerged during his interview with Claude Littner, that he had violated one of the show's contract rules prior to the series being filmed, which hadn't been properly checked by the show's production team.

Alex found himself questioned by Lord Sugar over why he had not put himself forward as project manager for the task, to which he replied that he had done so, but that Kurt had won support for the role because he had holidayed in a caravan.

Download Essay Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all the help you need with your essay and educational goals.Alex Mills meets Matt for an interview with an awkward difference.

The Apprentice: Alex Mills is sacked

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The Apprentice (UK): Alex’s Leadership Qualities Essay Sample Alex Mills was appointed as the Project Manager in the BBC TV series, The Apprentice UK in the 9th episode of Season 9. In the beginning of the episode it is more than evident that Alex works more as a.

The Apprentice (Uk) Episode9 Season9-Alex Mills Essay Theo Murimwa Business Report The Apprentice (UK) The Apprentice (UK): Alex’s Leadership Qualities Alex Mills was appointed as the Project Manager in the BBC TV series, The Apprentice UK in the 9th episode of Season 9. Life after The Apprentice for Welsh contestant Alex Mills Here at The Business Centre (Cardiff) Ltd, we’re thrilled to welcome Alex Mills to our ever-expanding business community!

The Apprentice 2013: series 9, episode 1 – the shipping container sales task, review

Alex was a contestant on The Apprentice back in and did Wales proud! Alex Mills as Alex Mills. Natasha Scribbins as Natasha Scribbins. Howard Ebison as Howard Ebison. Gerri Blackwood as Gerri Blackwood. Kimberley Davies List of The Apprentice UK episodes.

The Apprentice 2018: ‘It’s how he treats me’ Fired contestant spills all on Lord Sugar

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