Analysis of the house of bernarda

Her brief taste of youthful joy suddenly shatters when she discovers that Angustias will be marrying Pepe. Poncia relates what they were chatting about: Throughout the play, the women relate tales of sex and courtship.

The personal servant of Bernarda Alba.

The House of Bernarda Alba Chapter Summaries

Bernarda appears, wielding a cane and giving orders. During their brief dialogue, Adela admits to embracing Pepe el Romano. Angustius then relates the story of her courtship in a matter-of-fact manner.

She grabs Angustias and violently scrubs the makeup off her. As the conversation continues, it becomes clear that Angustias is 39, rather old, and has never had a suitor. It was the final play by Garcia Lorca, who died only two months after completing it and nine years before its premiere.

She is rudely turned away by the maid with strong language: Her visitor approaches the wrought iron bars of the window and says: After the prayer, as the guests leave, Bernarda bangs her cane again— she uses her cane as a means of attention and weapon throughout the play— and dares the neighbors to gossip and criticize.

Bernarda implies she wanted him dead, but simply had poor aim. Magdelena rebels against this fate of women. She longs for the past. Also believed by some to be the woman in the bible who was an adulteress who was saved by Jesus.

She is quick to accuse her daughters of impropriety not being proper. Everything that the audience learns about men is based on the attitudes and words of the women in the play.

Summary Scene The scene opens in a slightly different white room, deep in the house. Magdelena and Adela are not going to cooperate with their mother.Published: Mon, 5 Dec Bernarda and Torvald are victims of a status based society; the pressure to conform to standards of society brings upon unwanted consequences into the lives of both families.

The House of Bernarda Alba Chapter Summaries

“­­­Nora, you know my principles on these points. The House of Bernarda Alba Essay Words | 7 Pages.

The House of Bernarda Alba Act II Summary and Analysis

The House of Bernarda Alba Federico Garcia Lorca was born in and died inhe lived through one of the most troubling times of Spain's history. The House of Bernarda Alba study guide contains a biography of Federico García Lorca, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis.

The House of Bernarda Alba Homework Help Questions. What are the characteristics of Adela? What does she represent? In Federico García Lorca's La Casa de Berdarda Alba we find strong evidence of.

Both Bernarda Alba from Federico Garcia Lorca’s The House of Bernarda Alba and Medea by Euripides fit this description. One is a tyrannical mother who imposes her choices on her five daughters, the other is arguably the strongest non-Olympian woman in all of Greek mythology.

The House of Bernarda Alba, from choosing a translation, to casting from a pool of mostly undergraduate actors, to staging a show in-the-round. More particularly, I compare my previous work with adaptation to this process of treating the script as a fixed entity.

Analysis of the house of bernarda
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