An attempt to defend the sociological theory of religion attacking john h hickss views

The alienated worker may be attracted to religion, but the alienated man who is not a worker may also be attracted to religion. Freud gave explanations of the genesis of religion in various of his writings.

Another objection to the coherence of theism has to do with the divine attribute of omnipotence and is referred to as the stone paradox.

The appearance of a debate or conflict of "Intelligent Design Theory" with Evolutionary Theory is the appearance that the two are of the same character when they are not.

Spirituality, Philosophy, and Gender. His teachings, which were compiled in a book called the Analects, were essentially a code of moral conduct involving self-discipline, respect for authority and tradition, and the kind treatment of everyone. It means that a socialist is indifferent to religion.

A rather separate tradition was created by the German economic theorist Karl Marx — He wrote influentially about Islam, Judaism, and Indian and Chinese religions and, in so doing, elaborated a set of categories, such as types of prophecy, the idea of charisma spiritual powerroutinization, and other categories, which became tools to deal with the comparative material; he was thus the real founder of comparative sociology.

The German philosopher Edmund Husserl — has had, as the main exponent of phenomenology, a wide effect on the study of religion. They have the requisite evidence to warrant such belief, yet they deny or suppress it; they are intentionally disbelieving.

Since evil ostensibly exists, the argument goes, God understood traditionally as being omnipotent and omnibenevolent must not exist.

Religions, Reasons and Gods: His own system, the system of the Absolutecontained a view of the place of religion in human life. But if he could not lift the stone, he would not be omnipotent, and if he could not make such a stone, he would not be omnipotent.

Theodicy A theodicy, unlike a defense, takes on the burden of attempting to vindicate God by providing a plausible explanation for evil. He calls religion as the fantasy of alienated man.

Two important theodicies are those that appeal to the significance and value of free will, and those that appeal to the significance and value of acquiring virtuous traits of character in the midst of suffering. Religion is an agent of social control and thus strengthens social order. The person, who is supposedly the prophet, will then in turn go about to start another group of religion.

The Swiss psychoanalyst Carl Jung — adopted a very different posture, one that was more sympathetic to religion and more concerned with a positive appreciation of religious symbolism. In the 3rd chapter of John H. This response to the logical argument from evil is called a defense, which is distinguished from a theodicy.

Philosophy of Religion

But the tribal communities were not classes in the Marxian sense because Marx used the concept in a special sense. I feel about education and realism will help make me First, there is what he called the theological stage, in which events are explained by reference to supernatural beings; next, there is the metaphysical stage, in which more abstract unseen forces are invoked; finally, in the positivistic stage, people seek causes in a scientific and practical manner.

Has Science Found God? However, the unprivileged section is the victim of environment and for that-very reason it is attracted to religion to a greater extent. Universality of Religion 6. The Hegelian account of religion was worked out in the context of the dialectical view of history, according to which opposites united in a synthesis, which in turn produced its opposite, and so attempt to accept all eschatologies of major world religions as valid, may as a philosophers, a contemporary British philosopher of religion and theologian, John Hick (–) (Louisville, KY: Westminster John Knox.

Jacques Berlinerblau TOWARD A SOCIOLOGY OF HERESY, ORTHODOXY, AND Doxa One of the commonest totems is the belief about everything that gested that scholars of religion simply consult the writings of sociologists Weberian Sociological Theory (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, ), pp.

The Chapel Hill Murders & Hate Crimes By Mediha Din In this post, Mediha Din explores what a hate crime is, types of hate crimes, and sociological explanations of prejudice.

Karl Marx’s Theory of Religion: Definition, Sources, Ideology and Criticism

In this essay I will attempt to defend the sociological theory of religion attacking John H. Hick s view of a non proven verdict of the subject.

I will defend the theory, and explain how it is philosophically interesting. In the 3rd chapter of John H. Ch 15 Quiz Religion. STUDY. A sociologist following which theory would agree with this statement?

a) A symbolic interactionist b) A conflict theorist Which of the following is NOT true of the sociological perspective on religion? a) Religion is a system of beliefs.

b) Religion is a cultural universal.

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An attempt to defend the sociological theory of religion attacking john h hickss views
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